Happy New Year!

Happy 2021, everyone. We all know 2020 was a mess of a year, but for me, it was not without its bright spots. I spent quality time with my husband and my dog. I officiated my best friend’s wedding. I finally learned to bake. I started this blog. Quarantine would have been much, much harder if I hadn’t had this project consuming my attentions. But as I took stock of my goals for 2021— everything from revising and querying my in-progress novel to finally implementing a grown-up marketing plan for my Pilates business to finishing a challenging book that’s been used as coaster for the better part of 3 months while I read things that were… more fun— Suddenly Suburban didn’t appear on the list.

I’m taking a hiatus from this blog to work on my other goals. In the meantime, I’ll continue to update the Suddenly Suburban instagram (@Suddenly_Suburban) with little tidbits about all the ways the patriarchy infiltrates and influences my suburban life. 

Happy New Year!  Xx

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