Talking Pride & Prejudice with the Best Book Ever podcast

Guys.* I was on a podcast. It’s called Best Book Ever, and it’s the best podcast ever. Okay, I can’t prove that, but it is a great one, and I honestly do listen every single week. I can’t stop, won’t stop listening to BBE, and I’m thrilled to have gone on the best podcast ever to talk about what I believe is the best BOOK ever: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

Check it out here if you’re looking to listen to 30 minutes of me giddily declaring Jane Austen an OG.

*I use the following terms as gender-neutral, regardless of any gendered origin: guy, dude, bro, man.

2 thoughts on “Talking Pride & Prejudice with the Best Book Ever podcast

  1. Your father shared with me today the link to the podcast that you reference above. Jaimie- YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! i did see the movie with my wife who is a BIG fan of the book, movie and author. I am grateful that you brought to my attention attributes that I just accepted as part of the story and did not see the ramifications for generations in the near and distant future. I hope you are back as a guest on that podcast and others that interest you. You are a Master of words and principles that we need to live up to. I also love that you mentioned Aristotle and how he defined The Defining Moment. Your comment brought me back to my days studying for my Masters and reading his work with bated breath. I sense that I will be looking in my inbox for your newest comments with bated breath. DAVE

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